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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Songs to Honor The Biggest Breakthrough in Pizza History

Pizza has been dominating headlines lately and for good reason. First, it was a DJ who so nobly figured out how to have a pizza delivered on a moving train. And now, pizza history has been made.

The renowned Vinnie's Pizzeria in Williamsburg, Brooklyn just unveiled the first ever pizza box made out of actual pizza. The Pizza Box Pizza is making pizza lovers' dreams come true all while helping our planet with an environmentally-conscious, mouth-watering solution.

To celebrate this most honorable pizza breakthrough, we've collected a few pizza-themed songs that will be the perfect soundtrack for your pizza celebrations.

1. Pizza Guy - Touch Sensitive

2. Pizza Planet - Stephen Walking

3. High Pizza Guy - XELΛRΛIN

4. Pizza Rolls (mashup) - Shawn Wasabi

5. Think I Love Ya - Captain Pizza

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