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Bassnectar Takes on Bootleggers in the Best Way Possible

We recently reported on yet another copyright infringement lawsuit in the music industry. It's a problem we see all too often, individuals or manufacturers trying to capitalize off of a big-name artist.

We've also noticed comments on these reports accusing artists of overreacting, but it's illegal because it's stealing, and frankly... it's plain unethical and f*cked up!

Think about it. Instead of building their own brand or original idea for a product that people want to buy, they are jacking an already established brand that took years and someone else's blood, sweat and tears to build. It's a deceitful way to make a buck, and it's unfair to the fans, too.

Lorin Aston aka Bassnectar has a solution. In an official announcement a few days ago, Lorin revealed what he is calling The Bassnectar Art Exchange. This new portal for artists and fans is essentially an interactive art gallery which he describes as a Bassnectar-themed cross between Tumblr and Etsy. In an effort to empower fans and artists, TBAE will serve as a hub for showcasing, sharing and even buying and selling Bassnectar-inspired art.

"There is so much art being created (from painting and drawings to tattoos to flags and pins and even clothing and specialty items) and we want to encourage the creative process as much as possible!

What we do love:
We love when you make art, when you flex your imagination, when you give life to something you are inspired by, when you take an idea to a new level. And we love when you share it: when you give it to friends and loved ones, or represent loud and proud!

What we don’t like:
Selling bootleg merchandise. Bad."

Denver-based artist Vibe Street responded to the announcement respectfully asking Lorin why fans should not be allowed to profit from the use of Bassnectar's logo. His opposing philosophy with regards to the use of his logo is understandable yet hard to compare to Bassnectar's.

As a smaller artist, it makes sense that he would want fans to distribute goods with his logo on it - it's the coolest type of free promotion. But the weight of Bassnectar's name can really push product... we're talking lots of product. The line becomes blurry if you can't separate the hardcore fans and creatives from those wrongfully capitalizing. Bassnectar's Art Exchange portal helps to create that distinction, making a safe space for these fans and creatives to continue to do their thing, and in fact, reach even more fans that will appreciate and legitimately purchase their Bassnectar-themed art.

The important thing to realize here is that Bassnectar is encouraging creation and collaboration. Rather than just shutting people down for using his logo, name or image as inspiration because they love his music, Lorin is offering up TBAE as a positive and legal alternative.

Artists and creators can start submitting their work now to so they can receive a custom exhibit on TBAE when it launches this summer.


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