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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Follows Up String of Releases With 2 More Genre-Bending Tracks

Deadmau5 has been on a streak for releasing tracks on his personal Soundcloud page as of late. With 18 tracks uploaded in the past two months alone, Deadmau5 has been proving to fans and critics alike that there’s a reason he broke EDM in North America.

Because he’s just really fucking good at it.

With two uploads in the past 24 hours, deadmau5 demonstrates his vast range in production style.

Snowcone features a playful ethereal ambience over hip-hop beats that give the track depth. Combined with synth lines that are reminiscent of Tycho, 'Snowcone' proves that deadmau5 is no one-trick pony as the producer continue to harness his craft.

But deadmau5 didn’t bless us with just one track. In a collaboration with mau5trap label signee Attlas, “Bad at Titles” is a brooding hybrid track that has elements of dark progressive trance. This dark and sexy track builds over 8 minutes but leaves us wanting more. If this is any taste of things to come, we hope that deadmau5 and Attlas continue to release material together.

We’re really digging the new material that deamau5 is producing and hope to see more of his experimental side make the cut in his future sets.

What are you thoughts on deadamu5's latest artistic stylings? Sound off in the comments below!

Cover Photo: Danny Mahoney

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