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Amphitheater Nightclub in Tampa Burns Down From Suspected Welding Fire

Amphitheater nightclub in Ybor City Tampa, Florida has burned down, likely the result of a mistake on the part of welding crew.

The welders were in the club attempting to change the placement of a large disco-ball, and apparently sparks from the welding caught old fire retardant in the ceiling. Reports indicate that black smoke was seen coming from the upper level windows of the club when 911 was called, but the blaze grew into a full blown 3 alarm fire before it was eventually put out.

Thankfully the venue wasn't open when the fire happened, and the only 3 people inside were able to escape safely. Firefighters battled the fire for 6 hours, and two were hospitalized - though reportedly neither of them were seriously injured. Fortunately the blaze was confined to just the club and there are no reports of damage to surrounding buildings.

News crews captured footage of the fire from the balcony of a nearby business:

DJ Morgan Morgan Page was scheduled to perform at Amphitheater this coming Saturday, and tweeted the following.

The Amphitheater team has tweeted several times since the fire, indicating that they are thankful that everyone is safe, and that they are planning to rebuild.

And owner John Santoros has set up a GoFundMe for fans to help support the staff and their families while the club is rebuilt:

If you want to contribute, head over to the GoFundMe.

We hope Amp is rebuilt bigger and better than before, and wish all the employees the best during this difficult time.

Source: NoisePorn, WFLA

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