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Bassnectar Shares What He Really Thinks About DJing [VIDEO]

In a video interview that is currently making its rounds on the internet, Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar is asked what he thinks about the technology that has made DJing "a fad."

"I think it's great. Back in the day when I was 12, every kid had a guitar. Every kid was either a guitarist or a rapper, one of the two, depending on the kind of music they liked. It was the easiest most direct access to involvement... it's the same with DJing."

While he thinks there is nothing wrong with DJing being simply about sharing the music you love, he thinks there's something to be said for those world-class DJs who have the knowledge and catalog to be true aficionados

"I think someone say like Z-Trip, he's such a connoisseur of the classics. He can throw down with anything modern and current but his roots go so fucking deep with all the vinyl that he's has for 20 years... the veterans not only have more experience but they've got access to the classics. Access and sense of what happened before, what was big 10 years ago, and how to combine it with what's big now or what's big tomorrow..."

Either way, he doesn't think anyone should be wasting time hating on DJs whether they are just playing a song from their iPhone or have been spinning vinyl for years.

"Life is so short, to sit around hating on someone because they’re not DJing the way you want them to DJ — it just seems like… go hang out in Syria for a week, and come back and tell me why this is a problem! [laughs]"

Check out the full interview with Govia Radio below.


FULL VERSION: Bassnectar explains his take on being a "DJ"... Not what I expected to hear..DJ's watch at your own discretion!

Posted by Govia Radio on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cover photo by aLIVE Coverage

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