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EDC Organizers Insomniac Are Bringing Back Warehouse Raves In LA

Los Angeles based Insomniac, who are responsible for the various iterations of Electric Daisy Carnival as well as many other massive EDM festivals, are bringing it back to the underground.

They've just announced a new series of parties in downtown Los Angeles, called Factory 93. The goal of Factory 93 is to showcase some of the more underground sounds of electronic music, both from emerging talent and from veterans of underground scenes.

Founder and CEO of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella describes his history with warehouse parties, and why he's excited for Factory 93.

“I’ve loved warehouse parties since the day I walked into one as a youngster,” he says, “Those experiences changed my life and made me want to devote my life to dance music. I couldn’t be more excited to go back to my roots with Factory 93.”

With fallout from SFX's bankruptcy still rippling through the EDM world, many are speculating that the days of massive festivals featuring high dollar mainstream EDM DJs are numbered. So it seems that Insomniac is trying to stay ahead of the curve, and carve out a market share in the more underground scene that will likely outline the current pop-EDM bubble.

But will underground house and techno heads support Insomniac events? Only time will tell.

The debut of the Factory 93 series is scheduled for May 21st, with Hot Since 82 headlining. The venue hasn't been announced yet.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Image: aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac

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