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Watch This Veteran DJ Push Boundaries, Not the Play Button [VIDEO]

Bassnectar is of the belief that the proliferation of DJing as a result of technology is a great thing for music. But in a recent interview, he noted that there's something to be said for the veteran DJs. They not only have the skills, catalog and experience of a true aficionado but they have the keen ability to connect and combine what's classic and what's current.

"I think someone say like Z-Trip, he's such a connoisseur of the classics. He can throw down with anything modern and current but his roots go so fucking deep with all the vinyl that he's has for 20 years... the veterans not only have more experience but they've got access to the classics. Access and sense of what happened before, what was big 10 years ago, and how to combine it with what's big now or what's big tomorrow..."

One such veteran is DJ Enferno, and his new #LiveRemix video is a testament to the creativity, skill and ingenuity that can go into DJing. The longtime club DJ, turntablist, production guru and classically-trained musician won his first U.S. DMC Championship in 2003. By 2008, he was working and touring with Madonna, cutting her samples, producing her remixes and helping with musical arrangements and programming.

"It still blows my mind," he says with a laugh. "I used to get a rush when a few hundred people in a club liked my work. Imagine what it’s like to see as many as 75,000 people lose their minds as the biggest star in the world performs the very remix that I helped produce!"

But before he was called on by Madonna, he was inspired to create his Live Remix Project, a "one-man symphony" of sorts with turntables, samplers, instruments and effects.

"Basically, it allows me to produce music live on the spot as opposed to just getting up there and spinning a record," says Enferno. "I’m able to record sounds from the turntables and keyboards and then affect and mix those sounds live. So instead of mixing between two turntables, I’m managing up to 20 sources of sound at a time, all by myself."

Enferno's newest video for the project certainly deserves praise as he lives his motto to "push boundaries, not the 'play' button."

Interested in his setup? He breaks it down right in the YouTube video description...

Technics 1200 Turntables
Native Instruments - Maschine Mk2
Native Instruments - Maschine Mikro
Native Instruments - Komplete Kontrol S49
Native Instruments - Traktor Audio 6
Pioneer DJM900-Nexus
MacBook Pro

Traktor Scratch Pro 2
Ableton Live 9
Native Instruments - Kontakt - New York Concert Grand

Native Instruments - Massive

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Source: thedjlist.com

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