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Someone Is Trying To Kill Bernie Sanders Supporters With This Awful Meme

Election years tend to bring some nasty undercurrents of society and politics up, as people engage in heated debates online that often turn into ugly personal attacks on opposing candidates and their supporters.

Most of this nastiness can be chalked up to heightened emotions and bruised egos, but sometimes people cross the line into genuinely evil behaviors - this is one of those times.

A meme has been circulating on Reddit, Tumblr, and Deviant art in the last 48 hours, supposedly giving instructions for how to create a "Bernie Sander's Glowstick"[sic].

The problem is that this won't create a glowstick, but rather a potentially deadly 2 liter chlorine bomb.

The chemical reaction between the chlorine tablet and the isopropyl alcohol rapidly releases chlorine gas, which will expand and cause the sealed bottle to explode. Beyond the obvious danger of the explosion, chlorine gas is a dangerous poison and inhaling a significant quantity of it can kill you.

This video shows a chlorine bomb close up, in a 20 oz. water bottle - so a 2 liter chlorine bomb would be significantly more dangerous.

Whoever posted this is a very sick human.

We are hoping anyone who sees this meme will have the common sense to realized that following instructions from an internet meme involving chlorine tablets and isopropyl alcohol is probably not a great plan, but just in case we thought it was a good idea to spread the word.

Source: Mic

Cover Image: Millennials For Bernie

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