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Aoki's Recent Music Video Left Animal Rights Activists Pissed [WATCH]

Making a music video these days proves to be quite the challenge, but how far is too far to get the viewers' attention? With a surprising cast that includes a cameo from Adam Lambert, the video provides a twist on the same old love story.

In the video, the chimpanzee reflects on his acting career, surrounded by movie posters highlighting his past fame. In his loneliness, (and after several slices of pizza) he takes to the beach where he happens across a beautiful girl. No harm done, right?

The North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance, shortened to NAPSA, certainly doesn’t think so. NAPSA wrote an open letter to Aoki and his music video staff claiming that they have taken part in animal cruelty by casting the monkey.

They claim that primates used only for entertainment purposes are often poorly treated, torn away from their mother at a young age, and put in a training house for many years with unethical treatment standards.

“The entire lifetime of a primate is negatively affected when they are used in entertainment. As infants, they are removed from their mothers at a very early age – years before they would naturally separate. They are trained using methods that intimidate and inhibit their innate behaviors. Even then, the strength and unpredictable nature of these wild animals means that they can only be used for a short time as actors before they become too independent, unmanageable, and dangerous” said NAPSA in their open letter.

Aoki has yet to respond back to the matter.

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