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EDM.com Spotlight

Jason Statham Just Gave Goldie an Amazing Shout Out

It's common to see Hollywood stars showing their love for DJs/producers, and vice-versa. But this particular shoutout is noteworthy because it's not a typical Hollywood star, and he's not paying respect to a typical pop EDM star.

Jason Statham posted a photo to his Facebook page last night, of himself wearing a Metalheadz sweatshirt, with the caption "Massive respect to Goldie for his musical brilliance over the years and for my long awaited sweatshirt. Cheers pal!"

Statham and Goldie were both featured in Guy Richie's 2000 film Snatch, and apparently they are old friends.

It's hard to imagine a soundtrack to one of Statham's action movies more epic than Goldie's drum and bass, so it makes perfect sense that they would be friends and mutual fans.

Check out Goldie's most recent mix for Mista Jam on BBC Radio 1xtra:

Cover Image: IGN