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The REAL deadmau5: The Person Behind the Twitter Antics [VIDEO]

We got to see deadmau5's softer side again in a New York Times video clip that recently resurfaced. The footage, which was taken from a 2013 piece called "The Man, The DJ, the Music" was dug up and recently posted in the Times Video section in honor of a new feature the publication is doing on deadmau5, likely in preparation for his upcoming album.

His answers in the interview make any fan take a step back, and realize just how much deadmau5 has done for not only the EDM world, but also for the production and video gaming domains as well.

Dropping his usual sarcasm, Joel talked honestly and genuinely about everything from promotion to big money and how he believes artists should interact with their fan base and think about their career.

"Maybe it's the way I feel about other artists... I follow a lot of other bands, and I'm always dying to know what the hell are they doing right now. The last album you put out was three years ago. What are you doing with this money that I gave you for that CD?

...I really come from a sort of low income family, and now all of a sudden, I'm worth millions, and I feel like I need to justify that... always. I would hate to think that someone out there would believe that I’m making millions of dollars and just going out bottle popping and flying on jets and just doing crazy amounts of shit... I'm not."

"Money in, money out," has always been his motto. But it's also about transparency, for Joel. He feels a responsibility to let fans into the world that they've helped to build. The way Joel sees it, his life and work is owed back to the fans.

"I would feel bad about hoarding all of that. Even if it just was all for the business, for the music, for the fans... just kind of having this mountain top estate that no one had access to. I feel like my life or my work as it is at this point is kind of owed back to the people that kind of did that."

While it's an older clip, it's still a reminder of the innerworkings of deadmau5, the humble and "real" person behind the jokes and twitter wars.

Cover Photo: Flippin Music
Source: NYTimes