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EDM.com Spotlight

Diplo’s Lifelong Dream Was To Become A Paleontologist? [WATCH]

The Web Series ‘Before They Were Famous’ by YouTuber Michael McCrudden documents celebrity lives prior to the spotlight. Each week, McCrudden releases a new video and leaves it up to his fans to pick his next subject. After a recent episode featuring deadmau5 went viral, the fans yet again chose someone from the EDM community.

The video reveals details of early life of Diplo (then known as Wesley Pentz), and how he spent his days days working in a bait shop with his dad in Florida. With initial dreams of becoming a paleontologist, the neighboring Miami electronic scene had other plans for the young lad, and inspired Pentz to start making music.

His passion for music and travel is obvious, and the video also recounts the tale of the creation of electronic group Major Lazer and label Mad Decent. Diplo’s success is tracked from the very beginning, and after watching your respect for the already distinguished DJ will only go up.

Cover Photo: Jas Davis

H/T: The Bangin Beats

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