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Azealia Banks Racial Controversy: What Happened?

Artist Azealia Banks has been dropped from her booking agency and suspended from Twitter for publishing racist rants. After insulting and using racist slurs against Zayn Malik and Skai Jackson, the pop artist not only had her Twitter account barred, but also has been dropped from Rinse’s Born & Bred Music Festival and from her UK booking agency.

Primary Talent International has removed her from their website and their roster, and when you attempt to reach her personal website online, you get an error message.

So what caused all of this? In the multiple paragraph essay published onto Twitter on Friday, Banks admitted to using racial slurs such as “sandy n*gga” and “curry-scented bitch” when referring to Malik, who is half British half Pakistani.

Banks then attempted to justify her accusations, stating that she was trying to prove the point that people of color are living under white supremacy. "Calling him racial slurs was my way of trying to angrily remind him that he is in fact not one of them, he is one of US. The white privileges he's so eager to take part in do not apply to him. He's colored, like me. His people suffer at the helm of white supremacy just like mine do," argued Banks.

"Music industry politics which completely mimic racial social constructs allow people like Zayn to hide behind his popularity amongst white folk when he himself is aiding in the work of white supremacy," Banks wrote

After the suspension of her Twitter for inappropriate conduct, Banks took to her Instagram to further explain her perspective on race in society, proclaiming that she is “realiz[ed she] insulted Indians, Pakistani, black folk… [but that her] Twitter didn’t get suspended until [she] said “whiteness is a mental illness” and that that was the real problem. She also posted another screenshot proclaiming that she is going to write an essay titled, “whiteness is mental illness” and that “n*ggas can’t stop” her.

She then went on to talk about her feelings on what she calls, “culture erasure” in which white artists steal from black culture for musical inspiration. "Cultural Erasure, another instance of a 'white' artist taking credit for the black artists hard work and passion. And truthfully, it's pushing me over the fucking edge. White society grinds down the self esteem of black artists to the point where we are expected to be silent about such obvious transgressions,” said Banks.