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EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis' Outtakes & Behind-the-Video Cuts are Everything [WATCH]

Dillon Francis dropped his new music video for "Need You" featuring NGHTMRE last week. And with the winning combination of a hysterical storyline and flawless casting, the video became an instant viral sensation. Racking in over 300,000 views on Youtube since its release and yielding substantial celebrity acclaim, the video is the best and funniest visual pairing for this banger of a tune imagineable.

The video, which showcases oddball ‘DJ Dillon Francis’ spinning tunes at a dull neighborhood block party, ultimately conveys just to what extent a killer dance track can have on a lame party.

Billboard went behind-the-scenes with Dillon and director Jack Wagner to take a look at what exactly went into this video, and trust me... it’s a lot more than you would think.

The two had originally met briefly at EDC last year, when Wagner was directing a video for Vice. However, the two reconnected recently at a birthday party, where Wagner pitched Dillon on the idea for the first time.

"'Hey man, I’m a director, you know, I have this Instagram that I'm running right now. I have a bunch of ideas for music videos. Is it cool if I send you them?' And I was like, 'Oh, f--k yeah, perfect! Please, send them over,' The next day, he sent me this email of I think it was four ideas," said Francis in a recent interview with Billboard.

Wagner said he drafted the idea for the music video randomly one day but didn’t choose to execute it because he wanted to wait for the ideal track to pair it with. He apparently sent the storyboard idea to Dillon via text and immediately got a response explaining that he had the perfect song.

Novice DJ Dillon Francis from the video received billboards and even his own website (the link still works, http://djdillonfrancis.com) all to build hype for the insanely funny music video production.

"The inspiration for this is kind of like a mix of the dude that installs your stereo at Best Buy and, honestly, the Uber driver that gets too comfortable with you and starts talking to you about his sex life," said Wagner in the interview.

The attention to detail in the video is too good, from the slightly tipped sideways visor to male extras who were actually dads, the results could not have been better. Check out some outtakes and the full video below!

And for the entire interview and behind-the-scene photos (taken on a disposable camera of course), head over to the full Billboard piece here.

Source: Billboard
Cover Photo: Pizza Slime