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Deadmau5 Wants to Collaborate with a Superstar Singer

It seems deadmau5 is looking to collab with superstar The Weeknd. Joel recently tweeted a track freshly uploaded to SoundCloud, calling on The Weeknd to “have a go at [it].” Per a quick listen of the track, it seems likely that it was written with the Canadian singer in mind.

Some fans are taken back by this new development, particularly becasue deadmau5 was very outspoken about Skrillex’s collaboration with Justin Bieber. But there are a few things that should be noted. Joel’s argument is that Skrillex and Diplo are perpetuating a deceitful system of merely creating products for the purpose of making money. Why it’s even more frustrating to Joel is the fact that electronic music was founded on innovation and a DIY spirit of creativity.

"'This is my album' No it's not your fucking album, it's… it's Skrillex's fucking album.
you didn't make any of this fucking shit. You just basically jumped into a shit hot fucking scene, which is the trappy, dubsteppy, wah Diplo, nah nah nah thing, and you just fucking took it, and you Will-I-Am'd it. And they let you do it! That's what pisses me off, that's what makes me an angry Twitter guy when it comes to those fucking dudes… they let them do it.
It's not that I have a problem with dubstep, or Skrillex, or those guys that do things, it's that I have a problem that they enable themselves and they put themselves in these positions to be a part of… bullshit."

While deadmau5 made these comments in a video posted back in December, Skrillex recently responded in a Rolling Stone interview over the weekend.

"...I'm a fan of his voice. And if you're a producer and you get an opportunity to work with someone who's the biggest artist in the world – for better or for worse – what would you say? Would you say no?"

We respect Skrillex's choice to work with Bieber, but it makes sense that deadmau5 would choose an artist like The Weeknd to collaborate with in spite of his harsh criticism of other producers who work with pop stars.

The Weeknd may be a global sensation but he is a very different sort of artist compared to Justin Bieber, so we don't think it's accurate to call Joel a hypocrite in this case. Bieber was discovered by a talent agency at a fairly young age, groomed for pop stardom, and perpetually relies on teams of songwriters and producers for the majority of his output.

The Weeknd is more of a true DIY, self-made artist, rising to international stardom on the strength of his own songwriting. His first three mixtapes were self-released on his website, and it was only after the viral success of his early works that he began to catch the eye of major players in the music industry. Though we don't want to put words in deadmau5's mouth, we assume he views The Weeknd as a much more legitimate, credible artist than Justin Bieber - and FWIW, we agree.

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