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PEDM Hop? You May Be Surprised By Who Coined This New Genre Term

These days, genre seems to be a pretty subjective way of categorizing music. Artists are known for creating their own genres, either as a branding scheme or as a means to differentiate their sound amongst other producers.

We were recently caught off guard by a new term coined PEDM Hop, by none other than Jeffrey Sutorius of trance trio Dash Berlin. The Dutch native who is 'the face' of the production trio, is promoting the group's new single “Gold” which he describes as being Positive Emotional Dance Music Hop.

Confused? So are we.

Sutorius explains that the term covers a wider spectrum than just dance music, with "Gold" including appearances by Waka Flaka.

“You see musical changes going either way. It can be more melodic, it can be more techno-ish, it can be more like dubsteppy. So it goes all over the place and I think that makes dance music so interesting because it’s going over such a big spectrum that I think for a lot of people they can find what they’re looking for."

H/T: fuse.tv