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Dillon Francis Threatens to Move to Croatia, Talks New Album [WATCH]

While watching your favorite artist gain credibility around the world can mostly be a good thing, it often times can lead to less and less personal fan interactions. Superstar Dillon Francis, however, seems to be the exception.

In a recent interview with Australian news outlet Life Without Andy, Dillon opens up just about everything in the intimate one-on-one chat. The American DJ, who recently dropped his hilarious “Need You” video, shares his opinion on engaging topics varying from Kanye West’s appearance at Coachella to his reasoning behind refusing the new Blink 182 album.

When the topic of conversation turned to politics, the DJ trades in his often-comedic tone to a more serious one, explaining how he is indeed a Bernie Sanders fan. Dillon explains how his distaste for Republican nominee Donald Trump goes so far, in fact, that he jokingly says he would move to Croatia if Trump were to win.

Francis wraps up the interview by talking about his upcoming album, and how the tracks that didn’t quite make the cut would be transitioned into one-off collabs with other artists. He discusses more details of his new album due later this year, and announces his soon-to-be released collab with DJ Flosstradomus.

Watch the interview below to learn more about DJ’s thoughts on well, just about everything.

Dillon Francis Interview from lifewithoutandy on Vimeo.

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