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Our All Time Favorite Rave Movie Is Finally Getting a Sequel

Long before the debacle that was We Are Your Friends, there was another rave movie - and it was actually good.

Released in 1999, Human Traffic has stood the test of time as one of the best movies about rave and dance music culture. And now it seems there will finally be a sequel.

The crew from the original are reportedly getting back together for the sequel, Human Traffic: The Revolution. This time they will be traveling to Ibiza, so we're expecting an even wilder set of raving adventures. Writer and director of the original, Justin Kerrigan, is signed on to the sequel as well. There's not a whole lot more information available at present, but there is now a Facebook page for the film, which we'll be following closely for updates.

Danny Dyer, who played Moff in the original didn't exactly confirm his involvement, but his response hints that he will be part of it.

If you haven't seen the original, we highly recommend checking it out. See the trailer below.

H/T: PulseRadio