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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch a Crazed Fan Climb on Top of the Mainstage at a Festival [VIDEO]

Harmony at Hardcore, which claims to be the only festival in the world for true hardcore heads, took place in the Netherlands this past weekend, and a video captured during the dance music event is now going viral.

The festival, which draws approximately 25,000 people per day, saw an unexpected and unusual occurrence at mainstage when an unidentified female fan scaled to the top of the mainstage.

The girl, who successfully climbed to the crux of the structure, seemed to have intentions of hyping up the crowd, but her antics only struck fear into those watching as one misstep could have led to serious injury or death. The festival organizers actually had to stop the music and wait until security could convince her to carefully climb back down.

See the whole incident caught on film below.

H/T: The Banging Beats
Cover Photo: Merriweather Post