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EDM.com Spotlight

The Brains Behind EDC Confirm Brand New Locations For Next Year

Critics of electronic music keep yelling that the sky is falling for EDM festivals, but Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival is proving that isn’t quite the case.

Pasquale Rotella, who founded Insomniac in 1993, recently sat down with CNBC to discuss the business of EDM. Amongst his commentary, he mentioned that Insomniac’s events are growing daily, contrary to the appearance of over-saturation in the North American music festival scene.

Pasquale, mentions in part the expansion of new markets that are growing exponentially. This year, EDC will be laying it’s roots down in two brand new locations – Japan and India.We’ve mentioned in previous coverage, that electronic music is actually growing outside of the western hemisphere. Although Europe, North America, and Australia have long-been immersed in the electronic music world, Asia is a fairly untapped market. As a region with extremely high population density and a growing middle class, India is quietly proving to be a burgeoning market for electronic music.

“I can tell you we’re growing everyday, y’know not only are we growing in the United States, we’re growing internationally. Umm, next year we’re going to be in Japan and then we’re going to India, we just did Brazil this past year and we’re selling out events and adding more...It is competitive in some markets, some markets are wide open, some markets don’t need another festival. Y’know it really depends where you are, but it’s definitely not going anywhere."

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