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Boys Noize's Illegal May Day Party In Berlin Shut Down By Police

In many countries around the world, May 1st marks the celebration of May Day. The history of the holiday is complex, as the date has traditionally marked a celebration of spring, but in more modern times has also come to mark the celebration of International Workers Day.

The celebration of International Worker's Day often includes rallies and protests organized by labor advocates, socialists, communists, and anarchists. This year German producer/DJ Boys Noize performed at one such event in Berlin, organized by the Peace Love and Anarchy Party.


This article originally stated that there were violent clashes between protestors and police, leading to the event being shut down. Boys Noize's team reached out to us to clarify that the event organized by Boys Noize Records was totally peaceful. Their event was only shut down by police after 90 minutes, because they didn't have a permit for the event, and both the police and crowd were peaceful and respectful.

Boys Noize posted a longer video to his Facebook, so fans can get a taste of the set - which included many tracks from his upcoming album May Day, dropping May 20th.

There we some violent confrontations between protestors and police elsewhere in Berlin on May Day, as can be seen in the videos and tweets below

H/T, Image: YourEDM

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