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EDM.com Spotlight

We Promise You've Never Seen a Stage Lightshow Like This

As dance music lovers, we've seen our share of insane stage lighting and production, from brain melting projection mapping, to fireworks, to whatever that crazy mau5trap thing deadmau5 tours with.

But we've really never seen anything like this. We haven't been able to find out much information on the technical details of these setups, but they are created and programmed by Chinese company Hi-Ltte, who also manufactures the lights. From what we can tell, these are complex structures using dozens of intelligent moving head lights (plus LED panels in one of the videos), running off of some truly incredible programming.

The design would need to be tweaked a bit to accommodate a DJ booth in there, but it looks like it would be possible. Touring with a rig like this would certainly be expensive, and probably a logistical nightmare - but damn it would be worth it.

Image: YouTube Screenshot

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