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Rock Icon Disses Electronic Music, "Why Don't I Just Die Now?"

Most of our readers are probably unfamiliar with Iggy Pop, but The Stooges frontman and punk legend has a lot to say about electronic music.

Iggy Pop, whose career has spanned over 50 years and has included work with icons like David Bowie, has always been known for pushing boundaries. Both in his commentary and his electric stage performances, the antiestablishment rocker has never worried about offending anyone.

At a recent appearance at France’s Cannes Film Festival for his new documentary Gimme Danger, Iggy Pop discussed the future of music.

In an obvious dig against the siege of press-play-DJs, the rocker had this to say:

“The digital age has made collecting money so incredibly efficient. When we started our band we didn’t know what publishing was. Now you can push a button and get rich quick.”

Likening the influx of pseudo-instrumental technology to“throwing an amp into the spirit of man,” Iggy Pop made a comment in reference to the widespread popularity of electronic music: “It’s like: woah, you know! Why don’t I just die now.”

Although electronic music sure has its share of critics, icons like Iggy Pop distaste for the genre is a testament to the changes that have occurred as music has evolved. While we certainly do enjoy our digital equipment, there is a certain human rawness that is lacking in the current state of music. Iggy Pop existed during the golden era of music before publishers and record labels began willfully exercising monetary control over the artist. While today's artists make look back on the innovations of past artists to for inspiration, they will not be able to capture lightning in a bottle like Iggy Pop did at a very rare time in music history.

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