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EDM.com Spotlight

Alison Wonderland On Being Adorably Awkward, Why She Doesn't Do Collabs [Watch]

Despite appearing on stage in front of thousands of people, playing in front of sold out crowds, and being covered by several music publications, Alison Wonderland thinks she’s awkward.

And we love it.

The Aussie DJ opens up to Fuse.tv that the reason why she hasn’t worked on a collaboration with other producers is because she’s awkward.

“I’ve kinda just always been okay doing it myself…I’m a total fan of a lot of artists and I’m so awkward around them if I've ever met them so I don’t even ever know how to ask them to collaborate. I just hope that someone digs my stuff, and I like it to happen organically.”

Alison Wonderland also spoke how she doesn’t enjoy networking:

“…I was at Coachella watching all these people network, and I’m the worst networker of all time. I have really bad social anxiety, like I’m very, very awkward off camera… I texted my manager, ‘Is it bad that I don’t want to go up to any person backstage?' Just because everyone is like swinging their dicks around, it’s not how I want to meet anyone…”

Although DJs are often painted as living glamorous lifestyles and jet setting all over the globe, the reality is that they are people like anyone else. Even DJs with quickly rising careers suffer with social anxiety, which makes them more human and relatable in our eyes!

H/T: Fuse.tv