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Hackers Targeting deadmau5 Threaten Credit Card Fraud and Nude Leaks

You may have heard that earlier today deadmau5's fuckmylife Soundcloud account was hacked, by "security group" Our Mine.

His Soundcloud account has since been restored, but for a while there was a song uploaded to the account by the hackers. According to Dancing Astronaut, it was a reworked version of Ariana Grande's "One Last Time", with lyrics referencing the hack and poking fun at the victim.

“I know you thought you had security, but it was just too easy // and I know that you lost everything, but hacking is the way we rule this.”

(screenshot via Dancing Astronaut)

But it seems as though the drama isn't over. A string of tweets by deadmau5 and the hackers indicate that they are still going after him in various ways.

Wait, deadmau5 has nudes to leak? Lol wut?

But in all seriousness, threatening credit card fraud in public is probably not a great plan for a group claiming to be good guys helping famous people with security.

EDMAssassin did bring up a good point during this whole thing:

Is it just us, or does deadmau5 seem like a pretty terrible choice of target for hackers? Yes he has money, which in theory makes him a good target for extortion. But he has a LOT of money... plenty to hire a great legal team and make hell for these hackers. Plus he has a history of being willing to sue people who cross him, and he doesn't seem to let go of grudges very easily.

We'll update this story if the hackers make good on any of their threats, or the story develops further.