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Deadmau5 Threatens Lawsuit Over Stolen Track

Artists ripping-off other artists unfortunately happens all the time. While Diplo and DJ Snake recently pinned Guetta for ripping off "Lean On," deadmau5 recently found himself the victim of complete thievery.

An artist by the name of FAKU released the track "Purple Eyes" that shared particular resemblance to deadmau5’s newly uploaded melody "Sellout." The DJ quickly took to his Twitter to openly confront the artist and their label, and told them, quite blatantly, to "Lawyer Le Fuck Up."

The major issue lies in the fact that "Purple Eyes" is available for purchase, which means that FAKU and Play Time Records, are not just ripping deadmau5's melody off but committing a crime.

Peep the tweets and listen to both tracks for yourself below.

H/T: Magnetic Mag
Cover Photo via EDM Tunes