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Finally, An Ice Cream Bar That Cures Hangovers

Anyone that consumes alcohol knows what it’s like to have a gnarly hangover. Your head is pounding, your stomach hurts, you’re exhausted, and you reach for that Gatorade or even Pedialyte to provide any kind of relief.

But in South Korea, a country that takes pride in their alcohol consumption, also takes particular pride in their hangover cures. In fact, the market for hangover cures in the country is worth 125 million dollars. From soups to homeopathic pills, South Koreans are the frontiers of tackling that morning after feeling.

But this time they’ve invented something not only effective, but also delicious. The Gyeondyo-bar is a grapefruit flavored ice cream bar with traces of oriental raisin tree fruit juice, an ingredient considered to be a Korean hangover treatment since the 1600s.

(Image: Reuters)

The Gyeondyo-bar’s name translates to “hang in there,” which “expresses the hardships of employees who have to suffer a working day after heavy drinking, as well as to provide comfort to those who have to come to work early after frequent nights of drinking,” the convenience store chain Withme FS, which is releasing the bar, said in a press release.

Unfortunately for us, this magical ice cream bar will not be available in the states anytime soon. So for now, keep your Gatorade close… Or try to get your hands on some raisin tree fruit juice, whatever that is…

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