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Watch Episode 1 of the EDM Version of ‘Real World’ Starring Dillon Francis

We love Dillon Francis for the comedic characters he portrays almost as much as we love his music.

Dillon Francis has now unveiled the first episode for his new web series “DJ World”. As a parody of MTV’s hit reality TV show Real World, Dillon along with Getter and Vine star Nick Coletti are teaming up to poke fun at outrageous DJ personalities.

Each portraying several wild personalities, including Getter’s ultra-femme alter-ego that that could double as a fifth member of Culture Club, Nick as a nihilistic dubstep producer, and Dillon portraying a gold-chain swinging douchebag.

The web series, which is directed by Brandon Dermer, will debut seven episodes every Monday and Thursday on Dillon’s YouTube page.

Check out the video below and try your best not to laugh!

H/T: Mixmag

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