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Erick Morillo Shares Gory Details of Ketamine Addiction [WATCH]

During his keynote interview at the International Music Summit Ibiza yesterday, veteran house DJ Erick Morillo shared the scary and gory details of his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

The interview was conducted by one of the event's founders and legendary DJ/producer Pete Tong. And in an incredibly honest and brave act during the interview, Morillo recounted his lowest and most shameful period of his life when his drug and alcohol addiction spiraled out of control.

"I wasn't talking to anybody and I didn't want anybody to see me."

Morillo hit rock bottom when he began injecting ketamine to the point that his arm was teaming with infections. After three arrests, three rehab visits and after losing the love of his life and almost losing his arm, Morillo was brave enough to open up and share with the world his struggle with addiction.

"At one point, I couldn't even urinate. Every time I tried, it would be stuck and the pain meant I had to go to hospital where they put me to sleep. When I woke up, they had slashed some of my arm off because it was so infected from putting ketamine in it...

... I have a nice scar that funnily enough, looks like my company logo."

Pete Tong is one of the founders of the IMS event, which was started nine years ago and brings together world-renowned artists and industry figureheads for inspiring panels, fascinating debates and one-on-one interviews and discussions.

The 2016 IMS kicked off yesterday, May 25th, at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and will continue through the 27th. Other speakers include Richie Hawtin, Pet Shop Boys, Carl Cox, Dubfire and Yello. For more info head over to internationalmusicsummit.com.

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