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Bieber & Skrillex Reportedly Being Sued Over 'Jacked' Vocal Sample

Indie pop singer Casey Dienel aka White Hinterland filed a lawsuit against Justin Bieber over a vocal sample, according to TMZ. The sample in question is the prominent vocal loop in Bieber's smash hit "Sorry," which appeared on his fourth studio album Purpose (2015).

Dienel has claimed that the sample, which is repeated 6 times, sounds similar to the "unique characteristics of the female vocal riff" from her 2014 song "Ring the Bell," which received over 800k streams and was featured by Rolling Stone. The indie star also names Skrillex, among other writers, as defendants.

Bieber was reportedly contacted back in December when Dienel warned the mega pop star to stop using the sample but did not receive any sort of reply. Meanwhile, Bieber's "Sorry" went on to become a massive international success, dominating charts in 13 countries.

Source: TMZ