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Young Hip Hop Artist Dishes on Upcoming Jack U Collaboration

Florida rapper Denzel Curry spilled the beans on a new Jack Ü collaboration in the works first on Periscope and then in an interview with XXL Mag. The 21-year-old "ULT" rapper streamed part of their impromptu studio session which was apparently initiated by Diplo after he had expressed interest in teaming up.

"They got together with Skrillex, lit blunts, popped off fireworks and dug for samples during the session, eventually coming up with a new track," according to XXL Mag who contacted Denzel after the Periscope stream.

The track, which remains unnamed as of yet, will reportedly be released soon. Denzel even commented on the speed at which the collaboration seemed to come together, saying that Skrillex is "very quick with what he do."

"They told me to go in and freestyle and I was freestyling for a little bit, my voice was hoarse and then I was just like, ‘I need some water…I need some water. Take your daughter, I’ma transport her, take your bitch, I’mma transform her,’ all that shit and they were like ‘I fuck with that.’ So that’s like the hook."

Denzel had previously worked with Diplo, but it was the first time the rapper had worked with the likes of Skrillex. Other artists Denzel has teamed up with in the past include Migos, iLoveMakonnen and Gucci Mane.

"I met Diplo plenty of times, that’s my nigga. But Skrillex, he’s very quick with what he do, but he’s cool at the same time, you feel me? I definitely fuck with him after that," Denzel told XXL.

Source: XXL Mag
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