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Laidback Luke Share Inspiration and Frustration in Reddit AMA

Laidback Luke recently did an AMA on the r/electronicmusic sub-reddit, answering questions from a ton of fans.

The thread had a lot of gems, but there were a few in particular that caught our eye.

This comment was from a fan whose life was majorly changed by Luke's music, and Luke's response was incredibly inspiring.


Hey Luke!

I started listening to electronic music by falling on your set while scrolling in the satellite radio in my car.

I used to be a huge introvert who suffered for depression and discrovering your music has helped me breaking out of my shell and finding joy in life. That was about 6 years ago and you made my life 1000 times better than thought it would be. I wanted to thank you for all of your work

Love from Montreal


And these messages! These messages are golden. They light up my life. Fuck DJ Mag top 100, fuck number one Beatport songs. This people, this is the reason why you should be making music. Thank you so much for sharing this and I wish you a lifetime of positivity and joy!

This comment comes from another fan who complimented Luke on setting a high standard for DJing, and showing what real DJing is all about. Luke graciously appreciated the compliment, but also commented on his overall disappointment with many of the big DJs in the dance music scene.


Hey I don't really have a question but I wanted to say that you created the highest standard for a rave that I've ever seen and it's helped me discern good performances from bad for the past 4-5 years. I saw you at Counterpoint 2012 and you closed out Sunday in the Big Top. You had thousands of exhausted ravers going just as wild as they were Friday night and it was truly spectacular to be a part of. Thank you.


Thank you so much, it means a lot to me! Tbh, a lot of times I'm ashamed of the DJ standards nowadays. People get payed shit tons of money and they don't even have half the skill of a lot of bed room DJs trying to make it. Makes me want to motivate harder though!

In the following exchange, another user asked about his views on DJing vs. production. Though Luke didn't name anyone specifically in his response, we can guess pretty easily some big names he might be thinking about when he talks about DJs who yell into the mic, stand on the booth, and don't bother to mix - and get paid a crazy amount for their weak "live" performances.


Hey Luke. I'd like to know more about your stance in the entire DJ vs Producer debate. I know you have pointed out numerous times that these young producers are pushed out of their comfort zone to play crowds while not yet being able to put out a decent set. But recent shenanigans regarding the prerecorded stuff has sparked a little movement towards the proper dj'ing again. Examples are Martin Solveig going more house and more improv in his sets. Tiësto using his mistake at Ultra to point out that he was indeed mixing live. Dimi and Mike doing the Vinyl thing,...

Is the importance of knowing how to properly DJ a thing you discuss with your students or something you take into account with the Super You & Me or Mixmash events?

Ah en effe in het nederlands, Wilde je toch nog eens laten weten hoeveel het betekende om m'n edits te draaien op al die grote events, enorm bedankt!

Grtz Zomba Fesh ;)


Hey Zomba! Yes good point. I'm glad to hear this! I just answered a question like this where I answered I'm quite disappointed at the level of DJing nowadays. Especially if you keep in mind the shit ton of money we get paid as DJs. Shouldn't you be an expert at what you do then? So I'm glad these vibes are rumbling in the underground and let's hope it will trickle through. The quality of experience will get so much better than just being amazed by a guy standing on the DJ booth and yelling through the mic that you should make some noise. People don't know how fucking easy that is! Obviously I could do that too. It's harder to do live mashups for instance. Or pick the right song on the exact moment. Or working the third deck on the fly. Standing on the booth, nah man.

To read the full AMA, head over to Reddit

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