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Promoter Responds After Viral Post Revealing Ghost Produced EDM Stars

Melbourne promoter Danny Grant posted a status to his Facebook on Sunday has since gone viral. The promoter that works with Empire Club, Loud Entertainment and other brands promised to reveal a local or international produce/DJ that uses ghost producers for every 200 likes the status receives.

The post now has over 1.9k likes and over 500 comments. Grant has since posted a comment saying he has been "advised to keep his mouth shut" after an Australian agency apparently threatened to take legal action.

Before he was reportedly threatened, Grant "outed" DVVBS, Timmy Trumpet, Steve Aoki, Hannah Wants, Milli Vanilli, The Stafford Brothers, Tiësto and more as artists who allegedly rely on ghost producers. There are always rumors flying around about ghost-using artists, and Grant's claims come with no evidence or validity that separates them from rumors and speculations online.

The comments section has naturally blown up as online users respond, troll and/or throw in their own accusations. It's probably the most entertaining part of the whole thing, although we are definitely curious as to what threats were made and by what agency.

We reached out to Grant for an official statement on whether he has any evidence for these claims, asking him to also expound on any threats or backlash he has received. Check out our questions and his response below:

EDM.com: Can you tell us a little about the sources/evidence used to identify artists using ghost producers?

Danny Grant: I've worked in the dance industry now for over 10 years. It is common knowledge between artists and promoters who and who doesnt use ghost producers. Half the acts doing it are open about it, but to further verify my statements. I also know the actual writers behind some of Australia most well known dance tunes. Lets just say they don't share the same name as the person who released it. A dead giveaway is when a larger scale artists does constant collabs with a lesser known artists. But the easiest way to find out is using https://www.discogs.com, a simple search will show you who is actually writing some of your favourite dance tracks.

EDM: What agency reached out to you advising you to stop? Can you please clarify on what grounds the agency said it could take legal action? Did you receive any other backlash that you’d be willing to share?

DG: Look I'm not in a position to name and shame, its a small industry and i still need to work with some of these agencies. What i can say it is one of the bigger agencies in Aus. I was basically warned 'these guys have a lot of money to spend on lawyers, so play nice'. As someone who has been a avid lover of everything dance for 15+ years its disgusting to be bullied by these egotistical untalented fakes who paint the picture they are musicians when they are not. I've always been well known for speaking my mind and basically not giving a fuck who i offend so backlash wise has been minimal, its fair to say though the silence has been deafening.

EDM: What do you hope comes of the viral thread and the conversation you've started?

DG: I hope that agencies and people second guess the idea of having songs ghost produced for them in future. In fear that someone like myself will stand up and out them. I would love to see other people in the industry follow suit and out more frauds. my major aim is to let the fans who look up to these 'artists' releasing other peoples music and believe in them to see them for what they really are, money hungry, attention seeking frauds. Id love to see the scene back were it first began before all the corporate greed took over and artist popularity was decided on the music they wrote not how good they looked on a flyer.

Below are screen shots from the original thread.

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