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This Band Actually Figured Out How to Perform Underwater [WATCH]

The Danish band Between Music has officially burst the music evolution bubble… Literally. The band, which performed as part of the Operadagen in Rotterdam a few weeks ago, set themselves apart from every other musician at the festival and around the world by performing their entire set underwater.

The group is the first ever to perform completely underwater. It took 10 years to accomplish as they had to do everything from construct their own instruments to learn how to sing through air bubbles.

The tanks if AcquaSonic at #operadagenrotterdam

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Geweldig concert!! AquaSonic #opera #watermusic #operadagenrotterdam

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"This idea started about ten years ago when Laila Skovmand, the composer, started to explore how to sing in a bowl of water, to see what the water surface does to her voice and then a couple of years later she tried actually singing totally submerged in a big tank and that was the start of it," band member Robert Karlsson told Ruptly "When you are a singer they need to develop a special voice technic, they sing without bubbles coming out of their mouth."

The five members of the band performed their show titled, "AquaSonic" in large, custom designed water tanks on a sound stage using instruments with underwater microphones.

Check out this awesome video below and let us know what you think! Would you see them live just to hear this eerie music performed in a way no one ever imagined could be possible?!

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