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EDM.com Spotlight

deadmau5 Disses TomorrowLand Even Though He's Headlining

deadmau5 is know for speaking his mind and being honest, without much concern for who it might offend.

This morning he once again proved that he doesn't care who he offends - even if it's one of the biggest and most important EDM festivals in the world.

A fan on Twitter asked Joel about who convinced him to play TomorrowLand, and his answer was hilariously blunt.

Then he "corrected" himself with characteristic snark, making the burn all the more brutal.

It's hard to imagine TomorrowLand appreciating that sort of commentary on a public forum like Twitter - but then again, they probably wouldn't book deadmau5 if they were only willing to work with artists who play nice all the time.

Cover Image: YouTube Screenshot