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Game of Thrones' Hodor Is More Alive Than Ever... Well, At Least in One Respect

Well, maybe Hodor is alive after all? The Northern Ireland-based actor who plays Hodor on the wildly popular HBO show based on the book series Game of Thrones, Kristian Nairn is also well known in the dance music community for his skills as a progressive house DJ.

Nairn began pursing a DJ career in Ireland before even landing a role on Game of Thrones, but the impact the show has had on his DJing is undeniable. Nairn's Rave of Thrones tours have seen great success in recent years, and now it seems his DJ career is gaining yet another boost from his Hodor fame.

A 'spoiler alert' is not necessary here as any true fan already knows that in a recent season six episode, Nairn's gentle giant character is unfortunately killed off in an ever-dramatic death scene.

But it looks like the demise of Hodor has actually breathed new life into Nairn's DJ career, as his booking agent was recently quoted in a statement about the resulting increase in booking offers.

Nairn’s 'demand has shot up, with offers coming in from all over the word. Funny how some people get famous after they die.' - Nairn's booking agent, Michael Schweiger

Check out Nairn dropping Emperor's "Ali Love" as well as a full live set below, and keep an eye on his touring schedule as it's likely the giant DJ could be coming to a city near you very soon.

Cover Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO