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These Festivals Are Increasing Security In Light of Terrorist Attacks

Terrorist attacks are increasingly becoming relevant in today’s news. And unfortunately, a top counter terrorism officer believes he has pinpointed a potential next target. UK festival-goers and nightclubbers should be aware in the next season as multiple security sources believe that the likelihood of a terrorist attack incident is slightly higher.

According to a recent anti-terrorism briefing at Wembley stadium, British festivals and concerts are upping their security this year more than ever. And with Glastonbury expected to draw upwards of 135,000 attendees, extra precautions are a must.

I’d want to see the owners and event managers taking the same kind of security precaution. These people are perfectly happy to target civilians with the maximum terror impact. Crowded places were always a concern for us, but now they are right at the top of the agenda.” said Niel Basu, debuty assistant commissioner with the Metropolitan police.

Though London Mayor Sadiq Khan ensures that the capital's counter-extremism strategy is well versed, those who are planning on attending any sort of large gathering should still be cautious.

Stadiums and music events were particularly vulnerable due to the high concentrations of people, but music festivals were particularly hard to control and secure because of their larger perimeters” Basu said.

Note from Editor:

While we are firm believers that we should not live in fear of terrorists as this is what these extremists want, these situations and warnings are nonetheless a good reminder that we are not immune to the world's problems even if it often feels like we are. It's yet another reason to stay informed and involved in both local and national politics.

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