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EDM Superstar Zedd Reveals New Trailer for Upcoming Documentary [WATCH]

As we quickly approach the premiere of the full-length feature film, Zedd gave us a taste of what we can expect. The film will take us into the life of the German superstar producer, from his production process to the way he interacts with fans and the visions and ideas behind the unique True Colors debut album release.

The film, produced by Susan Bonds and Alex Lieu, delves into the one-of-a-kind experiences Zedd brought to his fans last year when he travelled to 11 cities and created scavenger hunts with spectacular prizes.

Most interestingly, the film features input from Zedd's closest family, friends and business partners, including his brother, father, and Interscope co-founder Jimmy Iovine.

The Grammy-winning producer’s film will see its premiere on June 2 nd at the Los Angeles Film Festival and will be preceded by an acoustic performance from Zedd himself with a special guest artist.

Watch the trailer below, and comment to the right to tell us what you think!

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