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'I remember almost getting kicked out of Krewella' - Yasmine [VIDEO]

Last week, dance music duo Krewella announced a new single by taking on Kanye in a clever acapella freestyle rap before dropping their first single in over a year. Today, the sisters made another huge announcement, this time really digging deep to try and reveal to their fans a little bit more about the actual people behind the big name, the bright lights, the drama, the lawsuits, the success.

Yasmine wrote a letter to the Krew she's been working with since day one reflecting on the highs, the lows and the many, many moments when she and her sister Jahan felt like giving up or were convinced that it was all about to disappear before their eyes. She recounted the times it all felt like a dumb pipe dream that could never work out.

"I remember almost getting kicked out of Krewella. I didn't work as hard as I should have, and I was so caught up in finishing high school and determining if a pipe dream was a realistic career choice. It wasn't. I trust fell into my two best friends and did it anyways. I was 18."

The letter was never intended to be a video or to be used to announce their upcoming EP, for that matter. The Krew realized, however, that the genuine and heartfelt letter was the perfect way to take this next step. Who knows what the next challenges will be. It's a journey, and not always a pretty one. They just wanted their fans to know just how grateful they are for anyone that is willing to take the ride with them.

And with that being said... Krewella's new EP Ammunition will drop on May 20th. Are you in?

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