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Visual Artist Max Hattler Files Lawsuit Against DJ Bassnectar

By Dan Sarto

The ongoing dispute between visual artist and animator Dr. Max Hattler and musician and DJ Lorin Ashton, also known as Bassnectar, has escalated with yesterday’s filing by Hattler’s attorney of a copyright infringement lawsuit in U.S. District Court.

According to the suit, a copy of which can be found below, “This case concerns the theft of original content by an electronic music performer named Lorin Ashton (“ASHTON”) whose recorded and live shows rely heavily on the exploitation of the work of visual artists. Plaintiff, HATTLER, a visual artist, brings this claim against ASHTON to seek redress for the unauthorized and unlawful misappropriation, performance, and exploitation of HATTLER’s original imagery.”

According to Hattler, the dispute centers around Ashton’s unauthorized use of portions of two pieces, 1923 aka Heaven and Sync, without the animator's knowledge or consent, as part of live Ashton performances going back six years. The usage only came to Hattler’s attention when he was contacted by fans this past April. They were angered by the musician’s perceived hypocrisy when the he published a March 29th announcement on his website admonishing fans selling “bootleg merchandise"...

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