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Newcastle University Introduces Sensible New Drug Policy

For anyone who has been following the harm reduction movement, they know that the best way to combat drug overdoses is with a realistic approach, rather than employing the more standard zero tolerance policy. We at DMNW have been pushing for this kind of approach on a local level for a couple years now. It’s not just us who are trying to enact change though. Newcastle University has introduced a program called “Test Your Drugs, Don’t Test Yourself” to their students. This program is giving presumptive testing kits to their students in an effort to prevent drug overdoses. These testing kits can tell you what drugs are present in any pill or powder, and can give the user enough information to make the right decision about what they are about to consume.

The policy itself was spearheaded by The Students for Sensible Drug Policy Society (SSDPS) and the University’s union. The aim is the same as handing out free condoms. Sure, there are people out there who would rather their children be studying rather than engaging in superficial sexual activity, but they would much rather them be safe if they are going to do it. In that same vein, the goal is not to condone drug use, but at least give the option of making a safer choice.

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