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Start to Take Care of Your Hearing Now so You Can Rave til the Grave

A recent study from the Scientific Journal says that as many as 30% of teenagers already have hearing loss.

The study published in Scientific Reports reveals that the syndrome known as tinnitus – more commonly known as ringing in your ears – is a sign of permanent damage that is found to be occurring in individuals at younger ages than ever before.

(This is an appropriate age for hearing loss, not in your youth!)

The study performed tests and extensively interviewed 170 student between the ages of 11-17. The students were questioned to see whether they engaged in "risky listneing habits" at clubs parties, or even on their personal listening devices.

The study revealed that nearly all of the individuals were engaging in listening behavior that could to have long-term damaging effects, and that more than a quarter of them were already beginning to have chronic tinnitus – noted by chronic ringing or buzzing in the ears.

Study author, Larry Roberts said:

"The levels of sound exposure that are quite commonplace in our environment, particularly among youth, appear to be sufficient to produce hidden cochlear injuries."

Of participates, 28% that were found to have persistent tinnitus also demonstrated increased sensitivity to loud noises, suggesting that neurons that transmit sounds to the brain may already be damaged.

According to an outside opinion from Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri – an ear, nose, and throat specialist from Munster, Indiana - said in an interview with NBC News:

"You [once] had a Walkman with two AA batteries and headphone thongs that went over your ears. At high volume, the sound was so distorted and the battery life was poor. Nowadays we have smartphones that are extremely complex computers with high-level fidelity."

Take-away message? If you haven't started wearing ear plugs to shows you go to, start immediately! You can prevent hearing damage simply by stepping back from the speaker and making sure you're wearing proper ear protection!

Companies like downbeats offer affordable, reusable ear protective wear that can keep you out on the dance floor until your joints give out!

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