EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

This Might Be the Most Mind-Blowing Video Project Ever [WATCH]

Few music videos completely stop us in our tracks, but this video project created by Method Design is not your typical music video. The extension of Deluxe's Method Studios which specializes in design, motion and direction, Method Design was called on by production company RSA to make this year's sponsor reel for the AICP Awards.

Since the AICP Awards are meant to celebrate global creativity in commercial production, Method Design wanted to create something truly awe-inspiring, something that screamed innovation and imagination.

So the Method Design team went on to conceptualize and create the most dynamic dance video you've ever seen while simultaneously bringing eye-popping colors and textures to life using motion capture, procedural animation and dynamic simulations.

"Method Design wanted to create an entertaining piece of design that encapsulates the innovative and prolific nature of this industry. Our aim was to showcase the AICP sponsors as various dancing avatars which playfully reference the visual effects used throughout production."
- Method Design website

They certainly achieved this and much more. A work of visionary art, this video will make you smile if not jump out of your chair to dance, too. See for yourself by watching the full video below.

Concept, Design & Direction: Method Design
Production: Method Studios NY
Director: Rupert Burton
Creative Director: Jon Noorlander
Art Director: Johnny Likens
Lead Houdini FX Artist: Tomas Slancik
Houdini FX Artist: Vraja Parra
Rigger: Ohad Bracha
Producer: Adrienne Mitchell
Motion Capture: House of Moves
Client: RSA/AICP

Learn more about the project and Method Design's work over at http://design.methodstudios.com/portfolio/aicp-201...