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YouTube, Spotify, Major Labels Join Initiative to Streamline Music Royalties

By Marc Hogan
Photo courtesy of BerkleeICE

The way artists and labels get paid could finally become less byzantine if a sweeping new initiative is successful. Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music have joined with Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, SoundCloud, and SiriusXM in a remarkably broad-based effort to streamline digital music distribution and copyright issues. The Berklee College of Music's Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE) today announced the Open Music Initiative (OMI), which it will lead in cooperation with the MIT Media Lab. The major labels and streaming services are among more than 50 media entities working to build an open-source platform for tracking music creators and rights owners, BerkleeICE said. The goal is to improve how rights owners are identified and compensated for digital music...C

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