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EDM.com Spotlight

THIS is How We Should REALLY be Talking About Drugs at Fests [WATCH]

Last week, the electronic dance music community was formally introduced to Annie Rinsky. An avid EDM concert-goer, loyal fan and industry hustler who shared some (respectfully) strong viewpoints - some of which were hard to argue with - in a video she dubbed as an "EDM Intervention." Rinsky is now back with another must-watch video, this time regarding music festival safety, just in time for one of dance music's biggest annual events - Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas.

From knowing when to buddy up and when to intentionally "get lost," Rinsky goes through your common sense and not-so-common-sense rules of thumb for raging safely at a music festival.

"Since festival season is upon us, I wanted to compile a list of tips, tricks, and safety information. Safety is ALWAYS #1 priority, so make sure to watch this video and share with anyone who is new to music festivals!"

By far one of the most poignant moments in this new monologue is the conversation on drugs. All we have to say is... why isn't everyone talking about drugs this way?! Let's be real... there will ALWAYS be drugs at festivals. So let's talk realistically. Let's talk about how we can keep fans safe since there will inevitably be drugs.

While we highly encourage everyone to check out the full vid, if you're on the go right now and want to skip to the "elephant in the room," the drug discussion begins at 1:43. BUT, it's not all about drugs (nor should it be), so be sure to check out the other tips and tricks.

(tracklist below)

Annie Rinsky's "How To: Music Festival" tracklist:

• The Prototypes - "Redose"
• Odesza - "NO SLEEP - Mix 01"
• Des McMahon - "Fractured VIP"
• Wuki - Diplo & Friends Mix 2016 (NEED SONG ID)
• Rotallicso - "To The Point"
• Wuki - Diplo & Friends Mix 2016 (NEED SONG ID)