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Bassnectar's New Short Film Music Video Cuts Straight to the Core [WATCH]

Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar just unveiled the official music video for his single "Reaching Out."

"This song is about human connection," Lorin wrote to NPR Music. "But [it's] also about our personal journeys and how they intersect in cathartic and beautiful ways in a kind of metamorphosis."

"Reaching Out" is the first track on his new album Unlimited, which is slated to drop on June 17th via Amorphous Music. The album features collabs with The Glitch Mob, Zion I, Rye Rye and more. And according to statements, Lorin describes the new body of work as his deepest yet as he wrote it over the past year while remaining sometime distant from the internet and social media.

The video for "Reaching Out" was directed by David Dutton and stars dancer Barbara Woortman.

"As the song progresses," Bassnectar explained to NPR, "the voice says, 'We're reaching out to set you free,' as if she is being contacted from beyond her current state of awareness. The voice represents an angel, which could be a friend or just an entity of healing. When she bursts through the cocoon, she is set free to move and dance across the same terrain which she was once submerged in. The new control and mastery of her body follows her as she moves forward into life, leaving trails of her experiences behind her."

Source: NPR Music
Cover photo by aLIVE Coverage