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EDM.com Spotlight

4 Steps to Ghost Producer DJ Success: Mystery Artist Makes Bold Statement

Mysterious electronic artist Demur has stirred things up again with a new piece of EDM "propaganda," this time honing in on money- and fame-hungry wannabe DJs.

In a post to the r/electronicmusic subreddit, the counter culture vulture posted the following image which was then altered after the tread garnered a good amount of attention, changing "4 Steps to Big Room DJ Success" to "4 Steps to Ghost Produced DJ Success."

The latest propaganda appeared to be in tangent with a new release from the cryptic dance music justice-seeker. Demur's SoundCloud received a new upload in the form of a single titled "Traumatized" featuring Galvanize.

We got to give it to this artist because it's refreshing to see a dance music act mercilessly seek to make a statement while also offering up music that gets points for originality.


"Handcuffed, mindfucked,
vegetative brains so fried,
melting over media coverage being dramatized,
tripping over tactical tragedies 'til we're traumatized,
yeah we're all fucking traumatized"

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