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Bassnectar Unleashes New Album 'Unlimited' with Glitch Mob, G Jones & More [LISTEN]

Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar, doesn't tease new material for months on end like other artists often do, nor does he have to. His loyal army of bassheads eat it up no matter how long the suspense has to build. While rumors had been floating around, Lorin didn't officially announce the new album and its release date until around two weeks ago.

Today marked the official release date of Unlimited, Bassnectar's new album which he described to NPR as his "deepest work to date." The new body of work features collaborations with The Glitch Mob, LUZCID, G Jones, HAILO, Gnar, Gnar, Qa, Zion I and more. It also features a remix of "Rising, Rising" by forward-thinking artist Crywolf.

"Bassnectar's remix of my track Rising, Rising is out now on his new album. Pretty surreal for me, since he was one of the first electronic artists I ever heard, and one of my original inspirations." - Justin Phillips aka Crywolf.

Overall, fans are likely to take to this album's cohesiveness, conviction and palpability. In other words - it's thoughtful and full of feelz. Stream the full album below and then purchase it over on iTunes here.

The new album builds the hype even more for Bassnectar's massive camping festival in Colorado, Bass Center 2016, which kicks off July 29th.