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Club Says, "No More Laptops in the DJ Booth"

Some button-pushers have been catching flack lately for not being able to authentically use DJ equipment. So much so that a metro-LA club has issued a rule that laptops are no longer allowed in the DJ booth.

Cure and The Cause, located just outside of Los Angeles in Glendale, California says it has not tolerance for "DJs" that don't actually know their craft. Club owner Kenny Summit took to Facebook to explain the venues new rules.

Although the venue has announced that they will no longer be allowing laptops in the club, it really has little to do with the laptops themselves so much as the people behind it. In an interview with Magnetic Mag, Summit gives full disclosure that the new rule mostly applies to opening DJs that disrupt the flow of the evening by having to unplug their equipment.

"This ban on laptops is a more like a ban on the people who can't bother to learn how to be a real professional and learn how to setup and break down their equipment without ANY disturbance in the night."

(DJ and Cure and the Cause owner, Kenny Summit)

Summit also made a public response saying,

"...people who actually USE the technology to enhance their DJ set are more than welcome to use whatever the hell they want. [o]ur issue is with people coming in, setting up all kinds of shit just to simply mix from one track to the next."

We've gotta say, props to the club. Dance music is all about flow. Although opening DJs need experience in order to become better performers, there are some skills that should be refined in the bedroom before they premier on the dance floor. Keeping the room warm is an underrated responsibility of opening DJs, and disrupting the crowds mood with unscheduled breaks can make the following performer's job more difficult.

So people! Learn the tools of the trade, first!

H/T: Magnetic Mag