EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis Dishes on How Far He Will Go For the Internet [WATCH]

Dillon Francis likes to make people laugh, and it shows in the hilarious videos that he releases that leave all of us in stitches.

Dillon recently sat down with Fuse.tv to discuss why exactly he enjoys social media. As an EDM personality, Dillon has branded himself as an artist who is both a talented producer as well as the best friend we wish we all had. The LA native dishes that it is important to be authentic in social media, even if that means going to great lengths.

"I enjoy making videos so much. I'll literally do anything for Snap Chat. I mean, not anything, but y'know...close. My friend actually flew to Seattle on this one story that we did where it was making him look like he was having the worst day ever and everything was going right for us. So he was actually like, 'I'll fly to Seattle because I want to get the geotag so it looks real.' And he did. And he actually did have a pretty shitty day."

When asked whether they could have just photoshopped in a geotag, Dillon had this to say:

"We wanna keep it as real as possible. The kids can tell if it's not authentic."

H/T: Fuse.tv